BIM during the construction phase

BIM is a huge time saver during the construction phase, especially in projects with sophisticated designs, as it facilitates the resolution of challenging tasks and complex geometrical problems due to it's capacity to offer real-time information in three dimensions, that the model provides. It allows quick bidirectional data exchange between different software applications for scheduling, clash detection, trade coordination, etc.

All the necessary documentation, that is generated using the BIM model, is distributed to the different construction teams in a coordinated and efficient way.

It's essential for the viability and success of any construction project to control that the real construction cost adjust to the planned budget. BIM technology allows this control from the beginning to the end, facilitating automatic quantity reports and valuation in any phase of execution works. It also allows a more precise valuation of costs for construction processes, which can be studied and programmed in a real-time 3D environment.

BIM technology is establishing itself in the construction sector because it allow to control costs and schedules, minimizing errors and enhancing production quality and efficiency.

Shop drawings

  • All shop drawings originate from the BIM model
  • Coordination of distribution among project parties
  • Obtain documentary precision
  • Automatic updates with design alterations
  • Save time and eliminate errors

Quantity take-offs for partial payments

  • Completed building elements are tagged within the BIM model
  • Obtain quantities and valuations automatically
  • Avoid mistakes with palpable quantity take-offs
  • Save time and resources

Visualization of partial payments

  • Each partial payments originates a BIM model
  • Their consecutive visualization shows the construction process in retrospect
  • Compare scheduling and deviations

Model updating and maintenance

  • We incorporate all the modifications into the BIM model
  • The BIM is always up-to-date
  • You save time and avoid problems

Document management of modifications

  • We create updated drawings out of BIM model data
  • We manage modifications and coordinate resulting tasks
  • We suggest solutions that are technically and economically viable
  • We deliver the updated documents to the involved specialists
  • Prevent delays and cost increases during execution phase

4D construction sequencing

  • We simulate the construction process in a virtual environment
  • Providing three dimensional information to resolve tasks and clashes
  • Saving time commensurate with the building's complexity
  • Allowing data exchange with construction management software

5D cost management and scheduling

  • We enhance control of costs and time in any phase
  • The three dimensional analysis allows a correct evaluation of construction works 
  • Minimize errors to achieve a more efficient production of higher quality