BIM in the planning process

BIM is not only a three-dimensional virtual representation, a 3D image without any further content, but an interactive model full of data. It's a three-dimensional real-time representation of a database of all the construction parts including their exact geometries, shapes, colours, textures, physical properties, codes and other attributes. It represents the connections of different structural elements with one another and MEP and HVAC installations. All elements are placed in their exact position, in a realistic construction sequence in order to virtually construct the entire building in it's plot, resolving all possible assembly problems, managing processes and conflicts before the real construction starts.

Precise modeling of your 2D drawings

  • Your 2D drawings are the basis for the BIM model
  • We maintain the same precision and information contained in the original documents
  • Inaccuracies will be detected and rectified

Clash detection and design coordination

  • The entire building is constructed virtually
  • All elements with their precise geometry and properties
  • Realistic construction sequences are recreated
  • Clashes are detected and resolved before the actual construction starts

Clash management

  • We manage the solution of clashes between the different trades
  • We suggest solutions that are technically and economically viable 
  • Prevent delays and cost increases during execution phase

Drafting and distribution of construction drawings

  • All drawings originate from the BIM model
  • Coordination of distribution among project parties
  • Obtain documentary precision
  • Automatic updates with design alterations
  • Save time and eliminate errors

Quantity take-offs and evaluations

  • Everything that is modelled can be measured
  • We individualise any measuring criteria
  • The budget for any phase can be identified automatically
  • Avoid cost aberrations between design and contracted works
  • We use Presto and Allplan with a bidirectional connection 

Visualisation and analysis of the building

  • We create individualised visualisations of the BIM model
  • Intelligible for persons with no specific technical knowledge
  • In IFC and PDF-3D formats that can be sent by e-mail
  • Those data formats admit measuring and comments