Consulting & Implementation

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is one the most powerful tools for Consultants, Contractors, Project Managers, Facility Managers and Building Owners to promote themselves and compete successfully in the real estate market.

We show you how to use this innovative technology and we help you to make it operational in your company.

BIM application training

  • We teach BIM technology using Nemetschek Allplan
  • Our trainings are efficient and brief
  • Within just one month we'll make your personnel operational

Technology & process evaluation

  • We teach your working team different technologies
  • We show you how to work remotely, via Internet and FTP
  • We evaluate the most adequate processes for each case

Information management

  • We show you strategies for an efficient information management and exchange
  • We train you to coordinate various teams of professionals
  • We show you how to keep control of the data flow between model and building site

Project team planning

  • We help to plan your BIM team
  • We work with any industry

BIM execution plan assistance

  • Consulting for BIM execution planning
  • We assist you during its realization

BIM Coordination

  • We show you how to coordinate and integrate different BIM models
  • For various teams, working in a network, locally or remotely
  • For various teams with servers and different applications

Model check-up & revisions

  • We check BIM models in Allplan
  • We verify contents and data precision
  • We verify the correct use of codes and properties
  • We cross-check the model data with the bill of quantities

Hardware & software consulting

  • We help to choose the adequate equipment corresponding to your needs

BIM project planning

  • Consultancy and guidance for planning your project successfully in BIM 

Templates and standard elements

  • We create libraries and Allplan wizards for you to make your work more efficient
  • We show you how to create your own libraries and wizards

BIM project planning

  • Training in best BIM practice
  • With real projects and construction sites
  • Our own projects and sites of different size and type